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Handmade Picks for The Unique Musician......... but not only !
Picksnlicks is all about music, with lots of things for you to discover, there is art galleries of the coolest guitars on the planet, galleries with the hottest guitar girls on the planet, useful things like tuners, chord finder, a special about the best guitarists of the world with a quick reference to today's musicians/guitarists birthdays and some guitar lessons. I hope you enjoy your stay here at P&L !

Gallery of Handmade Picks .....

Picks for the Unique Musician made out of bone, horn and wood.
If you want to try a different plectrum or just like the look of them and want to put one on you key chain or around your neck you're at the right place.

If you are a speed picking freak or just like a different sound, you got to try one of them, there's nothing else like those picks, they give you the ultimate pleasure.

The song that you are hearing is from Joe Satriani's Surfing with the Alien, click on the cover to find out more !

BOHOWO Handmade Bone, Horn and Wood Art and Jewelry

Hot Girls and Cool Guitars

Sexy Guitar P&L took a look around to find the most unusual guitars that are being played by the most eccentric guitarists in the world, Check out the Gallery of Strange Guitars. Samurai Guitar What can be better than a cool guitar ? Right ..... a hot girl with a cool guitar ! See the HOTTEST GIRLS in this stunning gallery and get your calendar or posters to put on your wall today !
Guitarists of the World

The best guitar Players of the world, over 1500 guitarists are listed here and linked with a biography and organized by their successfulness.

You can also see today's birthdays of guitar players and musicians in general.

Chord Finder Chord Finder, Scale Finder, Tuner, Arpeggionator all in one with a midi interface for players of all levels.